CXXII Apparel 3SIXTY5 Challenge

CXXII Apparel 3SIXTY5 Challenge

We want to Invite you to take the 3SIXTY5 Challenge with us. For the 2020 year we will be going through the whole bible in 365 Days.  This is your opportunity if you haven't done this before to be a part of growing in the Word of God with us.

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Do not be intimidated by thinking this will take alot of your daily schedule because it won't, this will be a intentional way to make a POSITIVE habit for yourself and to read Gods word and see what is revealed to you in your life.

**Don't fret either if you didn't start right at Jan. 1 or Genesis 1 you can start on whatever date you see or join this challenge and continue through 2021. 

We encourage you to use the YOUVERSION Bible App or pick up your hard copy of the Bible to follow along with the plan below. 

Thank you for being a part of the CXXII community and our hope that is this upcoming year and reading through the Bible will strengthen your Faith and understanding in the Bible.

365 Days Bible Reading Plan