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CXXII Bracket Challenge 2018


CXXII Apparel Bracket Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 CXXII x NCAA Bracket Challenge, If anyone knows us we are very into sports and we want you to be able to WIN some of our sick gear.  What better of a time to combine the 2 things.

Winners will get :

 **Each Round Winner will receive:

  • Round of 64: Free Shirt / Buttons / Stickers
  • Round of 32: Free Hat / Buttons / Stickers
  • Sweet 16: Free Shirt / Buttons / Stickers
  • Elite 8 : Free Shirt / Buttons / Stickers
  • Final 4 : Free Shirt / Buttons / Stickers

Overall Winner : Alpha & Omega Black Jacket

* In the event of a round by round tie the prize will roll over to the next round and that round winner will receive the prize. 
** Free shirt will be selected by CXXII Apparel and sent to winner in the size they request.

In order to win you MUST go to:  

1. CLICK HERE to start. 

2. Create ESPN Tour. Challenge Account

3. Search for Group : CXXII Apparel18 or ( or Click Here

4. Make your Picks for who you think will WIN each round and the National Championship (even if you don't know anything about basketball have fun and Pick who you think might Win).

5. Watch and WIN ( *Winner will be contacted via instagram so please make sure you follow CXXII Apparel on Social media we will make announcements.)

If you have any question feel free to reach out to us and we will also announce WINNERS of each round via Instagram Follow us @CXXII.Apparel.

Ohh and for entering the Contest and you SEE this you can save 10% if you use PROMO: cxxiimadness if you want to order some CXXII Apparel.



Round By Round Winners 

Please If you see your Handle - Name From the Bracket please contact CXXII Via - Instagram or By email so we can be be in touch with you to send out your prize.

Round of 64 : anthonyM17 / anthonyntaco17

Round of 32: AmberC / espn29282904

Sweet 16: Rollover Same Person...

Elite 8 : Millaarc 1, Millaarc

Final 4 : Dsaelens881, espn96455226

 Overall Winner: Loydrum 1, Loydrum


Thank you To everyone who Participated and we would really appreciate you spreading the word to al your friends about CXXII Apparel because without you we couldn't do what we love to do.

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