Learn More about the 180 House.

Learn More about the 180 House.

Every year CXXII Apparel has our annual 20/20 Sale ( Black Friday thru Christmas Sale) for the CXXII community. Every year we do this sale so you can help be blessing to an non-for-profit organization that CXXII Apparel supports. As part of our annual sale CXXII has Special Sales / Giveaways and Promotions along with having everything 20% off and CXXII will donate 20% of all sales. (* hence 20/20 sale) For 2021 we are proud to announce we are going to be Donating and supporting the 180 House in Sarasota, Florida.

180 House Mission

We are using board-sports and the arts as a common interest to engage and teach youth about the love of Christ. Our mission is to use community volunteers to get involved in the life of local teens and help them grow in their faith.

About 180 House Sarasota ( From Tim Storck - Director of 180 House Sarasota) 

The 180 House in Sarasota opened in August of 2019. We were only open for a little bit before covid hit. Since then we have been able to reopen during the school year three days a week from 2pm to 5pm. During the summer we are open one day a week a do multiple other activities, day trips fishing and to other skateparks. During the school year students come by to hangout, get help with homework, do crafts, skateboard, make food, bake, play basketball and other activities. On top of that we help in the community by hosting girls skate events, beginner skateboard lessons, a camp for kids with special needs, a marketplace to highlight our students talents, invite local food trucks over, pancake breakfast, Campus Life (Ministry) on school campuses and helping with those in need. The house also hosts youth groups, small groups and bible studies. Our goal is to meet students where they are, empower them to do what they love and to join them on their journey.

Visit the website below for more info: www.the180house.org/

If you would like to donate directly to the 180 House to help them with reaching the youth in the Sarasota community: (Click link below.)

180 House Donate