Slothy Needs Mo' Coffee Natural Tee

Slothy Needs Mo' Coffee Natural Tee

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This shirt is a unique SPECIAL PROJECT CXXII x RJV Collectives "Slothy Needs Mo' Coffee shirt" fundraiser.

**Story Behind the shirt**

My youngest daughter Anni at the age of 5 fell in loves Sloths and has adopted them as her favorite animal. She came up with a fun phrase "Slothy Needs More Coffee" and then asked me one day, ‘Dad can you make me a cool Sloth shirt?.’ That’s when the wheels started to turn. 

I suggested that we create this shirt as a fundraiser for the local FREE zoo ( Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, MN ) they currently have three sloths at the zoo Chloe, Slo-Mo, Stefano. We have visited the Como Zoo many times to see these amazing creatures. For more info about the Zoo please visit

ALL PROCEEDS from each shirt sale will go to support the Sloth's at the Como zoo.

 We would really appreciate your support and Help with this project to make it a success and to support a staple to the St. Paul, MN community.

  • Natural /Colored tee 
  • 100% Cotton Soft Blend Tee
  • Premium Retail Fit - Unisex Te

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