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CXXII Apparel

Encounters V.2 "The Unnoticed" Tee

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CXXII Apparel x SanIllustration Encounters Vol. 2 "The Unnoticed" Black Tee

She made herself small. Not wanting to be seen and not wanting to be touched, she recognized the dire consequences of being noticed. Yet she knew the stories of the impossible being told, so she threw out a prayer and plunged her hand into open space, reaching around bodies, dodging legs and arms, avoiding any touch that would sound the alarm of her presence. Her finger only grazed the roughspun linen, yet a shock shot through her entire body.  As the eyes of the one who wore the tunic met hers she felt unashamed and whole. 

Design is based on the story of Transformation of the sick woman in Luke 8:40-48

**CXXII Collab with the incredible artists @sanillustration , if you like the artwork on these tees you shoudl go check out the rest of his incredible art on instagram.**

  • Black Tee 
  • Front Print 
  • 65-35 Soft Blend Tee
  • Wash Cold to minimize shrinkage. 
  • *For streetwear look please size up.*
  • Premium Retail Fit - Unisex Tee

Standard Tee