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Encounters Collection



He knew what he saw. His Teacher broken, bleeding, dead and buried. His friends tried to share with him the extraordinary news, but common sense dictated otherwise. The Teacher was dead and what was gone is gone.

Hounded by fear and doubt and death, his own grief and pain and confusion blinded him. In this fog the Teacher met him saying, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” This encounter turned his whole world turned upside down. What he once thought to be irrevocably true became untrue—the lost are found, blind eyes see, the defeated are given a conqueror’s crown, and the Doubter becomes a Believer.

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Two travelers walked along the road. Burdened by the events of the past days, they discussed the odd news, conflicting reports and what would happen to their fragile, fractured group whose hopes and dreams now seemed so lost. Then there were three. they encountered a stranger who joined them on their journey. As they walked and talked the stranger spoke with wisdom and clarity about the events that weighed heavily upon them.

It wasn’t until they stopped and shared a meal where the stranger took the bread in his hands, broke it and presented it to the weary pilgrims that everything clicked. Their minds and eyes and hearts were opened. The stranger was revealed to be a friend. With their burned out hearts revived the restless travelers return home.




She didn’t know who took him and where they took him to. All she knew was that he was gone, and she was alone. As the tears of sadness, fear and confusion fell she encountered who she thought was a simple gardener. She begged him for answers, demanding that the one taken be returned. He responds simply by calling her by name, and then her eyes were opened.

He was not the gardener, but an even greater life-giver. In a way, her heart was the fertile garden and in meeting the resurrected one she blooms. Death is defeated. New life blossoms. The one who went out weeping, returns with songs of joy.


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