Carrollton " Everything or Nothing" Album Review

Carrollton " Everything or Nothing" Album Review

I met Carrollton about two years ago at the Hills Alive music festival in South Dakota. I had a booth scheduled for this festival that has been a part of my family tradition for over 30 years. When I saw that Carrollton was playing at Hills Alive that same summer I connected with their passion for worship and reaching out to the world for Christ. I reached out to them to see if they would be willing to meet, graciously they obliged and we met for coffee. The most humble and down-to-earth group, we chatted about the history of the band and I told them about CXXII Apparel and how it started. Ever since I have considered them good friends, supporters and encouragement partners in our collective mission of bringing Christ's message of love and hope to the World.

If you have never heard of Carrollton I would describe their music as Kentucky smooth rock with similar influences musically from artists like NeedtoBreathe, Jason Gray & Citizen Way. They are lead by Justin Mosteller with his powerful vocals and the harmonies from the rest of band members makes for amazing music and worship.

I know what your saying... another Worship band... another worship CD but wait...

The newest album from Carrollton "Everything or Nothing" is filled with 10 songs that I can guarantee you couldn't listen to without having one or more songs stuck in your head and fill your day with encouragement and hope. From the first track "Glimpses" to powerful last song "I Will Trust". The idea and concept of the album is that whether if it is your relationship with God, Family, or friends we need to give EVERYTHING or NOTHING at all. Nothing Half Way.

(*This is the current song playing nationally on the radio.) 

For me personally each one of the songs resonates and has a unique sound and message.  I know each band member took the time to write the lyrics to speak to you. Whatever you might be going through, you can be driving, in your office, at home and this album can allow you to take a moment to worship.

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