Christian Tattoo Artist Directory

Christian Tattoo Artist Directory

(*Update*) We now have launched a new website completely dedicated to Christian Tattoo Artists. Go to for the directory along with interviews and more. 

I love to support other forms of art and of my favorite types is Tattoo Art. I have made it a goal to meet or try to reach out to as many unique tattoo artists who are Christians - Believers that are around the country.  Tattoo Artists get a bad reputation for being hard and tough and just because they are covered in tattoos they can't be saved or work in such a dark industry.

Some of the most compassionate people I have met were tattoo artists who use their platform to sit with someone for hours and hear there stories or troubles and be able to share there testimony with them that could ultimately lead that person to Christ. I consider these artist just as important as a Missionary but they are right in there city being a Light in the darkness. 

I wanted to come up with a quick list of some of the artist I have had the pleasure of speaking with and or even helping CXXII with a one of a kind designs.

(**If you have any questions on finding a artist please reach out to CXXII us and DM us on our instagram**)