CXXII Apparel Missions Partners

CXXII Apparel Missions Partners

CXXII Apparel would like to share with you some of the missions partners that we support, and YOU our customers are a HUGE part in allowing us to donate to these Organizations and Missionaries. We want you to know that even if your not able to financially support these ministries and organizations you can parter with CXXII to PRAY for them and how they can continue to reach more people with the Love of Christ.

Untitled Skateboards - Jud Heald's Skate Ministry

Untitled Skateboards is a professional skateboard company, but its also a 501 (c)3. We do sell skateboards, however, that is not our focus.

 The fact that we are a professional skateboard company allows us to be involved in the skate industry so that we can spread the Gospel through our skateboarding. We run consistent advertisements in skate magazines with scripture printed on skate photos. Through that we are able to spread the word to people who would never step foot in a church. Our real hearts desire is to do ministry, and one of the many ways we do that is by going all over the world doing skateboard demos, finishing with the gospel and inviting youth to accept Christ as their Lord.

We have performed hundreds of demos in the U.S. and abroad and we have had the privilege to see countless amounts of youths and adults make decisions to accept Christ! Seeing people come to Christ is what makes what we do worth doing!

The skate culture is very dark and it is dragging kids down! We are running after them with every resource we have. Constantly figuring out new ways to minister to them right where they’re at. Its not about us, its all about Him.

John 3:30 say it all:¬†‚ÄúHe must become greater, I must become less‚ÄĚ

** Untitled Skateboards is not just a ministry but online store where you can purchase Untitled Skate Decks to support the ministry. **Untitled Skateboards Donate Bar



CXXII Apparel has also partnered with Death2Life Organization and all proceeds of the special merch releases will go to support the D2L Organization. (Please find the new merch on the "Mental Health Collection" on our website when we release new items)

The reason we have support the Death2Life organization because they are able to reach hopeless, hurting and suicidal with love, hope and healing.  Death2Life was founded back in 2009 with the passion to build a community of influencers that reach out to lost who think they have no hope or who are hurting or suicidal and give them a place that they can go to anonymously speak / chat through text ( D2L@494949 ).

If you would like to donate directly to support Death2Life Organization. It would mean the world to us if you could any amount would make a difference in a life.

Donate to Death2LIfe



Dustin has been a BMX chaplain, through Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the past 10 years. He has a heart to share the gospel with those in the action sports culture and those around it, using his bike as a way to point others to Christ. Dustin and Megan got married at the end of 2020 and have been doing ministry together since. Their desire is for all to know the Good News of the Gospel and bring Christ to the center of the action sports culture.

What Dustin & Megan Do through their ministry:

1|  To be present, available and intentional at the different action sports events to serve  everyone, both at the event and outside of the events, as Christ has served us in offering His life a ransom for many through His life, death, and resurrection satisfying the just wrath of God we deserved and in our place giving us His perfect righteousness as a gift to all who believe that we would be taken from death to life.

2|  To be present, available and intentional in coming along side local churches and ministries around the world to help them love and serve their communities needs both physically and spiritually and sharing the gospel in word and deed.

3|  To be able to intentional and available to provide finances and materials for ministry partners around the world that even when we are not able to be present we are able to continue to equip them to serve their communities needs.

Please consider partnering with Dustin and helping CXXII be a part of his ministry and help him to spread the love of Christ with the action sports community.  


Led2Bulgaria - Laster Family ( Love, Evangelize and Disciple)

Matt Laster is a tattoo artist and we became friends as we were working on some special shirt design projects and through that found out that Him and his family were passionate about Missions especially the people and country of Bulgaria.  As a brand we have helped to support them through a variety of projects and as they went over to support and bring new resources to church leaders. 

Please continue to PRAY for the Laster Family and how they can continue to encourage the local churches in Bulgaria, more than ever they need to see a revival in the young adults to help revive the church and continue to Give Hope and Joy.

Led2Bulgaria Website

You can Learn, Read and Support the Laster Family (Click here)


Again we cant say this enough we TRULY appreciate each and every person who purchases from CXXII because we are driven and encouraged each day to do this brand so we can be a blessing to others.