Learn About EVERY MEAL - CXXII Apparel 2022 20/20 Sale

Learn About EVERY MEAL - CXXII Apparel 2022 20/20 Sale

Every year CXXII Apparel has our annual 20/20 Sale ( Black Friday thru Christmas Sale) for the CXXII community. Every year we do this sale so you can help be blessing to an non-for-profit organization that CXXII Apparel supports. As part of our annual sale CXXII has Special Sales / Giveaways and Promotions along with having your entire order 20% off and CXXII will donate 20% of all sales to this years non-for-profit organization. (* hence 20/20 sale) For 2022 we are proud to announce we are going to be Donating and supporting to the EVERY MEAL Organization in Minneapolis MN. 

This year we want to be a blessing to the our local community, CXXII is based out of Richfield MN and Every Meal supports the schools within my own city so what better of a way for us to GIVE BACK to them and be a blessing this year so we can impact right where we live. 


 As a part of the CXXII Community we wanted to set a goal this year of helping to provide 100 Children with a "Weekend Food Bag" for a whole year. Each bag costs $27 per student for a year.


Every Meal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to fight child hunger. We focus on filling the food gaps children face on weekends, extended breaks, and summer when they’re not able to access school meal programs. Through our multiple food gap programs, we provide children and families experiencing food insecurity with access to good food at more than 500 locations in Minnesota


 EVERY MEAL core program is there "WEEKEND MEAL PROGRAM" and they partner with the local schools though-out Minneapolis - Minnesota and have a mobile delivery solution, providing food to children right where they are – at school. Our broad network provides 4-5 pounds of good healthy food directly to children – at the end of each school week we put the food into their backpack for them to take home.

Through thier advance network of people who work with them they are able to deliver and distribute 1000s of bags of food a week.  

If you would like to support EVERY MEAL directly and help them with giving food bags to children in the Minnesota area you can click the link below to learn more about them and support them. 

We want to give everyone a HUGE THANK you in advance for your support, every year we do this we are incredibly thankful and grateful for our community and allowing CXXII to be a blessing.