Meaning behind the "UNorthodox" Tee

Meaning behind the "UNorthodox" Tee

This was written from the the artist RJV Collectives and how how he used the Romans 12:2 verse and translated it into his style of illustration.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. - Romans 12:2 - 

The idea of the design is from something I noticed from the verse. There's almost a tug of war of words/worlds Conformity vs Transformity, World vs Word, Sinner vs Holiness, Us vs God. etc...

Making an image that is attractive with an almost challenge to the SOUL of a human and the transformation from a Holy being is tricky. SO, I used that concept...

THE WORD vs VISUAL. The word is the verse and the "Do Not Be Conformed" and the visual is going to be the opposite of what that word said. 

There are some symbolic journeys in this piece. 

- The Skull is the obvious death. The death but needing a hat is kind of ironic and ridiculous (also funny its called a skully in some places). Also the Triple XXX thought bubble is just a representation of how evil our thoughts can actually be because we think its a "safe home" because its "our mind and its not hurting anyone" when in fact it reflects the wickedness of the heart. 

- The broken halo is the broken holiness.

- The dagger in the teeth represents the lies we tell "the lying through our teeth cuts like daggers" type metaphor.

- The snake actually goes into the hand pointing at the money. The serpent in the garden manipulated Adam with false information, if that had a body and the words were venom out of the fangs, then the tail would be the Pride/Self gain like money. A useful tool unless its for self. 

- The Raven with the rose, is the one creature that God promises wont let fall out of the sky yet ravenous and a scavenger, holding a beautiful flower yet thorns piercing drawing blood.

- The fire is the backdrop to all of it because although it can DESTRUCT it also refines... 

What I wanted to share the most about this design was the idea of "Transform over Conform".

Enjoy the shirt! 

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