THANK YOU!!!! 2019 -20/20 - How you Helped!!!

THANK YOU!!!! 2019 -20/20 - How you Helped!!!

Over the past 4 years CXXII as a brand has taken a creative approach to the holiday season, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday all lined up in a row we created our 20/20 Sale. You shop and save 20% on everything and we donate 20% to a organization. 

For the 2019 holiday season, we partnered with Death2Life to and released the "NEED HOPE" Collection along with donating the 20% of all sales for the month of December.

Not familiar with Death2Life?, Death2Life reaches the hopeless, hurting and suicidal with love, hope and healing.  Death2Life was founded back in 2009 with the passion to build a community of influencers that reach out to lost who think they have no hope or who are hurting or suicidal and give them a place that they can go to anonymously speak / chat through text ( D2L@494949 ).

This year with your AMAZING support and partnership with the 20/20 Sale we were able to donate to Death2Life and that donation will be able to reach 5000 people.  Yes, 5000 people who are hurting and need hope and will use the D2L platform and Text or Chat through there online platform. Those 5000 people will be able to hear how much Christ loves them and cares for them.

 I want to personally THANK YOU, and I know Death2Life says THANK YOU for your overwhelming support and making the 20/20 a huge success and we honestly couldn't do it with out all of you.

- Ian -