The Lord Rejoices Over you...Yes YOU!!!

The Lord Rejoices Over you...Yes YOU!!!

“The Lord rejoices over you.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

What an incredible and humbling thought.

The God of the universe, who is perfect and holy, rejoices over us, even though we are sinners and sufferers. Does that make sense to anyone else?

I have a hard time embracing this truth because I know the darkness that lies in my own heart. I know that I try hard every day to live out His truths by the power of His Spirit. But I also know the reality that in my flesh, I am a sinner. I am rotten and I am broken. I live out the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 7:15 when he says, “For what I want to do I do not do, but what I do I hate.” I live with the torment of my flesh. How could such a perfect God ever rejoice over someone like that?

Do you relate with these types of feelings?

If that is you, like it is me, then I want to challenge you with what I have come to learn about the heart of Jesus.

I have believed the half-truth that Jesus wants me to be forgiven and holy. While this is definitely true (he died for that truth to be certain), it is only part of the picture of his heart for you and I. The whole truth is that he doesn’t just want us to be forgiven, he wants US. He desires deeply to be in relationship with you and I because he deeply LOVES you and I. Just as a good mother or father wants to hear their child’s voice, engaging in a meaningful and authentic relationship with them, so too does the Father want to engage with us.

I am the dad of some amazing kids. As a parent, the moments I have learned to cherish the most are when my two girls just come and talk to me. They hear my heart while sharing their own. It fills my heart to the brim because I love them an indescribable amount. Is it because they are perfect? No. They drive me crazy sometimes! It is because they are my children, a part of me that cannot be removed, and that will be true for the rest of time. And do you know what? I rejoice over them.

Something that I have to relearn over and over is just exactly how Jesus feels about us as his children. The apostle Paul describes it in Ephesians 5:29-30 as us being a part of his very body, with Jesus as the head. And what does the head of the body do when a part of its body is broken or hurting? It nourishes it, takes care of it, and protects it. Why? Because it is a part of its body! You don’t reject the injured appendix. That would be rejecting yourself! Instead, you help it heal and become healthy again. You don’t forsake it, you restore it. Never in any part of that process is the broken part of the body no longer a part of the whole. The same goes for us as a part of Jesus’ body. When you are hurting, Jesus is hurting. When you are thriving, Jesus is thriving with you. Never in any part of that process does He forsake us or reject us. Throughout the whole process, He rejoices in and over you. We need to learn to take God’s Word seriously in these truths and promises.

So are you hurting today? Jesus is hurting with you and loves YOU. Are you struggling today? Jesus is walking with you through that and He loves YOU. Do you feel lost, anxious, abandoned, rejected, defeated, mistreated, and alone right now? Please know and embrace that the God of the universe loves you as His own, because that is exactly what you are.

You are His. Forever.

And He is rejoicing over you. No matter what.

That is because He loves YOU. Not the perfect version of you. Not the person you want to be or are trying to be. YOU.

There is no future version of you that God loves more than the present version of you. Take rest in that grace and truth. And know that God is rejoicing over YOU.

“The Lord rejoices over you.” (Zephaniah 3:17) Thank you Jesus.

Thank you.

- Drew Meyer, Guest Blogger for CXXII Apparel - 

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