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What does the "American Jesus" design mean to you?

With the release of the new CXXII x Godffiti "American Jesus" design we wanted to propose a question and get some feedback - start a dialog with our online community. 


American Jesus

We ask that you comment below and share you thoughts and impressions of this design. 

(* please be aware we have the right to delete - post any of the comments to please be respectful)


  • To me, the blurriness is definitely a representation of censorship, as that is when we most commonly see it.

    In America, we have begun to take Jesus out of everything; sanitizing Him and His message to appease those who don’t believe yet in an attempt at political correctness.

    This design seems to be part protest, part prophecy (speaking truth) regarding our view of Christ.

    It also represents the idea of removing the humanity of Jesus; the fact that God came in the body of a man to connect with us and have a personal relationship, as opposed to a religious one. Jesus connected with us on an intimate level, but when we forget who He WAS, and only think about what He DID, we devalue his actions.

    Joshua Hamsa
  • I think this piece is so incredibly brave! I agree with others about the idea of Jesus being censored in America. At first I didn’t like the name, but when I thought for a moment, “American” could mean many different faces, many skin colors and charicteristics. I actually love this idea! I’ve sought more recently to distance myself from this strange European image we all have stuck in our heads of Jesus! No one really knows what his face looked like! And if God the Son came down to meet me in bodily form today, who is to say he would even look the same as he did before!

  • I’m not sure the name and the picture say the same thing. The name " American Jesus" seems to say it’s another Jesus other than the Jesus of the Bible which makes sense to me, as I believe that we have Americanized Jesus to fit our changing culture instead of us as followers changing to be like Jesus and really following Him in obedience. But the picture on its own could say we are blind to Him or we can’t see Him for who He is? Well now that I say it, maybe the name and the picture do somewhat say the same thing. Hmmm

    David Martinez
  • I don’t think it’s so much the censorship of Christianity as it is the distortion of Christ by some American Christians. We have an outline of who Jesus is, but it’s unclear & we are the face of Jesus to our world… what do others see if Jesus through us?
    I know that Jesus is also seen as through a glass dimly here on the earth & in America, & I can’t wait to be fully transformed by Seeing Him as He truly is! So, my picture of Jesus and His work in me is in progress, but still a beautiful picture of grace!
    I’m buying one of these knowing His work in @godffiti ‘s life & mine.
    Like any good art the interpretation is up for discussion 😊

  • People are willing to admit Jesus is there, but would rather keep him blurry. Whether it is those outside of the faith wanting to keep him in view only as a “good man” or those in the faith who keep him close but out of clear view so as to avoid full surrender.


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