The core of CXXII Apparel is supporting missions. Since CXXII Started in early 2014 we have been a part of missions organizations through church's and individuals & Families.Ā 

CXXII works along side each missions project to directly support them, whether it is through the sale of our missions shirts directly ( if you would like to see them click here ) or through fundraisers we are a part of.

If you would like to learn more about the missions projects we work on we created some blog posts with the information and how you can support them also. ( Click Here to see the CXXII Blog)Ā  We would like to Thank everyone who purchases CXXII Apparel products because not only do out missions tees supports missions but every purchase you make does.

Thank you For your SupportĀ 

CXXII ApparelĀ 

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