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CXXII Apparel

Encounters V.2 "The Unsighted" Tee

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CXXII Apparel x SanIllustration Encounters Vol. 2 "The Unsighted" Natural Tee

Proudly strutting on his horse, deputized and eager to enforce his understanding of the Law, the man was met on the trail by the only one he could not cuff. The hands were made of pure light and as the rays seared their way onto his retina, it forever altered the way he would perceive. One cannot see without the Light and by being blinded the Unsighted was freed from his prison of hate and guided off the trail of destruction he traveled to a new way forward. 

Design is based on the story of story of Saul Conversion to Paul in Acts 9.

**CXXII Collab with the incredible artists @sanillustration , if you like the artwork on these tees you shoudl go check out the rest of his incredible art on instagram.**

  • Natural Color ( off white) 
  • Front Print 
  • 65-35 Soft Blend Tee
  • Wash Cold to minimize shrinkage. 
  • *For streetwear look please size up.*
  • Premium Retail Fit - Unisex Tee

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